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Dr. Allison's discovery of the Inner Self Helper, or ISH, has illuminated the spiritual.phpect of the human mind - an.phpect feared and thus ignored by others in the field.

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Dr. Ralph Allison:

I am a retired board-certified forensic psychiatrist who has been treating dissociators since 1972. With 24 years of clinical experience to look back on, now I can see previously obscure facts about dissociating patients. With this Website, I hope to make these insights available to psychotherapists, attorneys, and dissociated patients in need of understanding a complex and controversial subject.

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Spiritual Psychology
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Gabrielle Sunheart interviews Dr. Ralph B. Allison about his new web site and blogs about Spiritual Psychology.

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Minds In Many Pieces: Revealing the Spiritual Side of Multiple Personality Disorder
Memories of an Essence: How Humans and Spiritual Beings Put 70 Personalities Back Together Again

A new E-Book, Memories of an Essence, How Humans and Spiritual Beings Put 70 Personalities Back Together Again, by Ralph B. Allison, M.D., is now available from Amazon.com for those who own a Kindle E-Book Reader. It can also be read on the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry and Android smartphones.

Discover how humans and spiritual beings put Marie's 70 personalities back together again. Join Dr. Allison in his wild trip through the life of Marie, who created her first alter-personality at the age of six months. She first met with Dr. Allison at age 28, when he began helping her integrate her personalities. See how they did that in the next three years. Becky, her Essence, was Dr. Allison's valuable advisor during Marie's therapy and was still dissociated from Marie, her Personality, after integration. After 13 years apart, they agreed to write her story. Becky, acting as Marie's memory manager, provided historical details from her files in the Akashic Records. Becky's supervisory spirits, Faith, Hope, and Charity, described how they had monitored Becky and Marie. While borrowing Marie's body to speak to Dr. Allison, they told him their job titles and descriptions and how they observe and help members of the human race.
Michael, My Essence: The Origin, Nature, Talents and Supervisors of One Human's Soul
Collected Works, Volume I, Diagnosis & Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
Collected Works, Volume II, One Hillside Strangler and "Other Selves" Who Kill

Never-before-published court reports about Ken Bianchi, one of the L.A. Hillside Stranglers, are included in this collection of Dr. Allison’s papers about his work in courts and corrections. See how he came to understand how the “other selves” who killed were not dissociated Alter-Personalities but Internalized Imaginary Companions (IIC) capable of heinous crimes. These IIC were not a legal excuse but an explanation. Follow Dr. Allison from one confusing criminal to another he met during the dozen years he worked in a state prison.

Collected Works, Volume III, Spiritual Psychology

Possession & Exorcism, Reincarnation, and the nature of the human Essence (a.k.a. soul or spirit) are the subjects of these collected papers on Spiritual Psychology by Dr. Allison. Most of this information was taught to him by spiritual beings who borrowed the bodies of two of his patients with Multiple Personality Disorder. These spirits called themselves collectively Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE). Individually they were named Faith, Hope, and Charity. Their basic message was: “Each of you humans has an Essence; listen to it.”

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