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MICHAEL, MY ESSENCE: the Origin, Nature, Talents, and Supervisors of One Human’s Soul.
This unpublished manuscript, completed in 2006, covers lessons Dr. Allison learned during 35 years of therapy with dissociated patients. Spiritual beings, claiming to be from another universe without time or distance, borrowed the bodies of two of his patients with MPD/DID in order to teach him certain facts. Their primary expectation of him was, “Teach everyone that they have an Essence, and that they should listen to it.” These lessons are presented from the point of view of Michael, Dr. Allison’s own Essence, to whom he finally learned to listen.

"Spiritual Helpers & Multiple Personality Disorder"  Submitted to Anthropology of Consciousness, April 1999.  This paper is now Chapter 30 in "NeuroTheology: Brain, Science, Spirituality & Religious Experience," published in 2002 by University Press, California.

During 25 years of working with highly hypnotizable patients with Multiple Personality Disorder, the bodies of two of these women were borrowed by four different types of spiritual entities. One identified itself as the Essence of the patient's Personality, and the others were its supervisors, who called themselves Celestial Intelligent Energy or CIE. The three CIE were the Spiritual Guardian, Teacher, and Professor. Functions of the Essence are described. Job descriptions of the CIE are presented. They report how they serve "The Creator" in assisting us humans in fulfilling and completing our Life Plans. While each Essence shifts back and forth between Physicalspace (the material world) and Thoughtspace (the nonmaterial world), the CIE are full-time residents of Thoughtspace. However, the CIE have great influence on what happens to humans in Physicalspace.

WATASHI GA WATASHI DENAI HITO TACHI, (Japanese translation of Minds In Many Pieces), co-authored with Ted Schwarz, Sakuminsha, Tokyo, 1997. On sale in Japanese bookstores.

MINDS IN MANY PIECES, co-authored with Ted Schwarz, Rawson/Wade, N.Y., 1980. Reprinted second edition is now available to order, as published in 1999

THE FIVE OF ME, by Henry Hawksworth & Ted Schwarz, Henry Regnery, Chicago, IL, 1977 (hardback); also out in paperback. Out of print. Check library for interlibrary loan. (Author is an integrated MPD male patient of mine who had both alter-personalities and imaginary playmates. The book is true, but the TV movie was "docudrama," another word for fiction.)

MEMORIES OF AN ESSENCEHow Human and Spiritual Beings Put 70 Personalities Back Together Again
This unpublished sequel to Minds In Many Pieces, completed in 2004, is the true story of the life and integration of a woman with complex MPD/DID. It describes her Essence as her memory manager and details how the Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE) operated in her life.

TELL ME WHO I AM BEFORE I DIE, by Christine Peters & Ted Schwarz, Rawson Associates, New York, 1978, hardback, out of print. Check library for interlibrary loan. (Author is an integrated MPD female patient of mine who dissociated at age 5, and whose original personality remained hidden in her mind until it could come out to run her body at age 33. She describes some of my successful treatment methods from the patient's point of view.)

Both THE FIVE OF ME and TELL ME WHO I AM BEFORE I DIE are autobiographies of psychologically integrated patients of mine. They wrote their stories without my involvement. They show that the treatment plan I lay out in MINDS IN MANY PIECES and my Course Manuals worked in both their cases.

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