The Bipartite Human Mind: Functional Differences Between the Essence and the Personality By Ralph B. Allison, MD Presented at the 18th International Conference on The Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing Santa Sabina Center San Rafael, California September 3, 2001 Abstract: All humans are born with an Essence and a Personality alloyed together at birth. With life threatening trauma before the age of seven, a few persons experience a separation between these two components of the mind. For 20 years I have watched and studied such a person and learned which part handles which function. The findings include mental (intuition, memory management, problem solving, perceptions), physical (sleep, illnesses, pregnancy, accident proneness, death), and social (falling in love, job satisfaction). The Essence operates primarily on intellect, logic, and situational evaluations, while the Personality operates primarily on emotions, gender related concepts, and laws. While doing therapy with highly hypnotizable patients who suffered life threatening abuse before the age of seven, I met what I called the Inner Self Helper or ISH. I later learned that the ISH is a job title for what philosophers and theologians have called the Soul or Spirit, which I here will call the Essence. The Essence is one part of the human bipartite mind, the other half being called the Personality. At birth, the Essence and Personality are alloyed together, but they may be separated (dissociated) under certain special circumstances. Life threatening trauma in highly hypnotizable children is one of those conditions, which causes what we in medicine call an Experiment in Nature. Plato called the Essence the "Rational Soul" and the Personality the "Irrational Soul." For the past several hundred years, study of the Essence has been the province of religion while study of the Personality has been the province of the psychological branch of science. While much has been learned and written about how the Personality works, very little has been learned about how the Soul, Spirit, or Essence works. Here I offer a glimpse into what the Essence does all day long with us normal folks. While I met dozens of ISHs while doing therapy with dissociators, most such patients left town and contact with me when therapy was over. However, I made contact with one such patient 13 years after she integrated of all her alter-personalities. We wrote her story together, calling her Personality "Marie" and her ISH "Becky." Becky always referred to Marie as her "Charge." Becky told me that she and Marie were integrated at birth, but they had to dissociate at the age of six months when Marie's mother tried to kill her. Becky sent Marie to a safe place, which I call Thoughtspace, and Becky then created a series of alter-personalities to run her body for the next 30 years. After my therapy, Marie came back into her own body and absorbed into herself all her alter-personalities, becoming a total Personality once again. But now, Becky remained dissociated from Marie in her adult body. Becky now preferred to be called an Essence, rather than Soul or Spirit, since those two words have become contaminated with other meanings in our culture. For the past seven years I have had daily contact with Becky and Marie, thus being given an unparalleled opportunity to observe this Experiment in Nature. I have learned how a dissociated Personality operates on its own, without instant involvement with its Essence, and what functional influences the Essence can have on its human Charge. There are several basic differences in the natures of the Essence and of the Personality which underlie the details. The Personality is the only part capable of experiencing all human emotions, such as lust, greed, rage, passion, etc. Only the Personality has a gender identity, male or female. The Personality must have a set of rules to go by, or it goes into a panic. In this way the Personality decides what is Right or Wrong. This is known as the Legal Ethic way of making decisions. The Essence uses only logic in making decisions, like Star Trek's Vulcans and Androids, Spock, Tubak, and Commander Data. This is the Situational Ethic way of making decisions. The Essence has no gender identity and experiences no emotions. It is in a state of bliss when all is going well and in a state of watchfulness when there are problems. It can have strongly held opinions but no emotions regarding those opinions. Only the Essence knows the assigned Life Plan of its Charge, a knowledge which underlies all of its decisions. Mental Operations of the Essence 1. Memory Management: The Essence decides what is recalled by its Charge at all times. What is "forgotten" is stored in the Akashic Records until the Essence deems it safe to be remembered. 2. Intuitive Warnings: The Essence know what danger is pending and makes its Charge refuse to get on planes which will crash, it such is not in its Charge's Life Plan. 3. Intuitive Pushes: The Essence causes its Charge to have an intense desire to act in a way which may seem illogical to others, but which is needed to lead to the next step in its Charge's Life Plan. 4. Situational Problem Solving: The Essence knows what present facts are relevant to solving a problem and proposes only win/win solutions. The Personality often strives for emotionally loaded win/lose solutions instead. 5. Dreams: The Essence supplies dreams to the sleeping Personality for instruction, insight and direction. 6. Flashes of Insight: The Essence supplies flashes of insight to its Charge, when its Charge is in a calm state of mind, and thus able to see them. 7. OOBE & NDE: The Essence creates what can be called either "positive hallucinations" or "virtual reality experiences" commonly known as Out-of-Body-Experiences and Near- Death-Experiences. These are provided as teaching devices to its Charge at times when by the Personality must make important decisions. 8. Inspirational Imagination: Whereas the Personality is responsible for "emotional imagination," the source of imaginary companions of all sorts, the Essence taps into the Akashic Records to supply the sources of creative and inspirational imagination. This helps its Charge complete its Life Plan as a professional artist, architect, theoretical physicist, etc. 9. Map Reading: To the Personality, a map is only a piece of paper with lines and names printed on it. The Essence is needed to relate those graphic symbols to the curbs and pavement the Personality is driving on in a strange town. Physical Operations of the Essence 1. Sleep making or blocking: The Essence has full control over the brainstem's sleep center and can keep its Charge awake all night or sleeping all day, as desired. 2. Walking away from danger: If the Personality is frozen in fear, the Essence can take over control of the physical body and move it out of danger, even with broken bones and steep terrain in the way. Survival is job number one for the Essence. 3. Cause infections: The Essence has control of the body's immune mechanism and will decide which infection its Charge will have, for how long and how severely. 4. Cause chronic and fatal diseases: The Essence knows its Charge's Life Plan, which includes when it is to "cease to exist." It can create chronic disabling conditions as well as fatal illnesses. When terminally ill, the Essence gradually shuts down the body in the proper order, if left alone. It does not want the body put on a life support machine if the time has come to "cease to exist." 5. Pregnancy: The Essence decides when its Charge will become pregnant, and whether or not that pregnancy will result in a live birth. It can initiate a pregnancy, then a spontaneous miscarriage, or allow the pregnancy to continue to term. If, at delivery, the child's Essence+Personality is not introduced into the newborn's body, this causes a stillbirth. It all depends what is proper for the Life Plan of the mother and the child. 6. Filling in blanks in visual field: Under hypnosis, it is possible for a hypnotist to suggest that the patient have a "negative hallucination," such as not seeing the therapist in his chair when he is really there. In reality, photons are reflected from the therapist into the patient's retina, but the patient's Essence prevents them from triggering a mental image of the therapist's body in front of the chair seat and back. The "blank field" is then filled in by the Essence with a "positive hallucination" of the seat rocking back and forth with no one in it. A negative hallucination has been followed by a positive hallucination to convince the patient that the therapist is no longer there. 7. Arrange accidental death: When its Charge's Life Plan requires it to "cease to exist," the Essence may allow its Charge to be hit by a drunk driver or get on an airplane it knows will crash, killing everyone on board. Social Operations of an Essence While the Essence is primarily involved in personal and internal operations of its Charge, it does relate to other Essences constantly and to its supervisors, whom I call the CIE for Celestial Intelligent Energy. They cooperate to bring about social changes they desire the Personalities to make. 1. Falling in love: When the Essence wants its Charge to be romantically involved with a specific other person, it will turn on its Charge's erotic emotions, focused only on that one other person. The same may be happening with the Essence of the love object at the same time, leading to "love at first sight." 2. Making work intolerable: When the Essence wants its Charge to quit a job and move on, it will conspire with the co-workers' Essences to set up discriminatory and disrespectful situations which will make its Charge hate coming to work each morning. When its Charge decides to quit and look for a better job, all harassment ceases. 3. Impotency: When the Essence does not want its Charge to become sexually involved with a certain partner it considers unsuitable, it can make its charge impotent with that one Personality. 4. Sapping energy: The Essence is the source of ki, of kundalini, of life energy. Its energy can be sapped by another Essence, if that person is self centered and immature. This makes the sapped Personality feel fatigued and tired without physical exertion, such as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 5. Breaking with family traditions: If a family expects its children to follow in the footsteps of a patriarch, the Essence of a child is what gives that child the urges and determination to go into a "deviant" line of work, one which is required by that child's Life Plan. Conclusions This is not an exhaustive list of actions conducted by Essences, but it covers those I have personally observed in my search for such information. A whole group of what are called "paranormal" phenomena are also under the control of the Essence, including telepathy at several different levels. In those of us with integrated Personalities and Essences, it is impossible to know which part is taking which action. But when one has an Experiment in Nature, as I have had with Marie and her dissociated but ever present Becky, these facts can be determined. In this way, one can get some idea as to what the Essences of normal, integrated human beings like yourselves are doing to help you complete and accomplish your own Life Plans.

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