V. May 4, 1998: Physicalspace v. Thoughtspace Thoughtspace Versus Physicalspace Cyberspace is a term that has become accepted in our society as referring to the "universe" a person is in when seated at the keyboard of a personal computer (PC) when the modem is actively connected to the Internet. The elements of Cyberspace are the human operators, the computer hardware, and the software designed to keep the humans in contact with each other. The primary type of person-to-person communication is known as e-mail. The rules of operation of Cyberspace are determined by the nature of the hardware of the computers and peripheral devices, as well as the software language and programs that have been agreed upon by the designers as acceptable for universal usage. The hardware was designed by computer engineers, and the software was written by computer programmers. They are the experts on how the system operates, or should operate. Using the same terminology, the physical world we inhabit can be called Physicalspace. It is composed of objects and the forces causing them to relate to each other, such as gravity. Time and distance are important features of Physicalspace, where the fastest speed possible is that of light. The primary modern method of person-to-person communication here is the postal service with first class letters, known to computer operators as "snailmail." The experts in understanding the rules and procedures of Physicalspace are physicists, chemists, biologists, and similar "hard science" researchers. Continuing in the same vein, all of us recognize that we think, when awake. The rules governing thinking are not those of Physicalspace. The "universe" in which thought is managed can be called "Thoughtspace." In the past, this "space" has been called by a variety of names, including heaven/hell/purgatory in Christian religions, across the River Styx in ancient Egypt, the "Spirit World" by shamans, and the "Astral Plane" by the Theosophists. These terms are now archaic and related to world-views of earlier eras. To use these archaic terms now would cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Popper & Eccles call it World 2 plus World 3. They used World 1 for Physicalspace and World 2 for part of this immaterial world. They used World 3 for those human accomplishments which are stored in what are called the Akashic Records. The word "Thoughtspace" is offered as a better label of that "universe" in which thought is the prime method of person-to-person communication. This is a universe that coexists with Physicalspace that awake humans inhabit while thinking and sleeping humans inhabit while dreaming. The rules and procedures of Thoughtspace are not agreed upon by modern scientific scholars, but have been conjectured by innumerable esoteric scholars over the centuries. One major feature of Thoughtspace is the absence of time or space. Everything in Thoughtspace is eternal and infinite. There are no discrete objects in Thoughtspace, and "everything" is connected and communicating with "everything" else. All is energy, but not of a type that can be measured by any of the tools of Physicalspace. At this time, there are no agreed upon experts in the study of Thoughtspace, but philosophers, theologians, psychiatrists, and psychologists are the ones usually dealing with questions about this "universe." Characteristics of Physicalspace 1. Real, natural, scientific, physical 2. Objects and forces between them 3. Limited in time and space 4. Perceived by the five senses and instruments 5. Communicate by voice, writing, and physical signals 6. Experts are physicists; discover rules governing all actions. Characteristics of Thoughtspace 1. Enter in dreams, mediation, mystical experiences. 2. Intelligent Energy = Consciousness; no boundaries. 3. Infinite & Eternal 4. Its energy cannot be measured by physical instruments. 5. Communicate by thought alone. 6. Experts = None; studied by parapsychologists, philosophers, psychiatrists, no rules. 7. Decisions made on case-by-case basis. Thoughtspace There are two important facts to emphasize about the differences between Physicalspace and Thoughtspace. First, Physicalspace is limited by time and space. The fastest speed is the speed of light. It is considered by Western man, at least, as sequentially ordered in time, and it takes time to do everything. The second is that we believe there are discoverable rules of conduct of the physical forces of this universe, and our scientists keep themselves busy discovering those rules. This allows them to predict future occurrences of a similar nature. Each set of rules, such as Classical Newtonian Physics, however, is only applicable within certain parameters, leading to new sets of rules, such as those of Quantum Physics. In Thoughtspace, there is no time nor space to consider. All have existed since all eternity, at least back to the creation of the physical universe. So every desired action can take place immediately, when decided upon by the "Residents" of Thoughtspace or "The Creator." It takes no time for the "Residents" to move from place to place. They are not here one moment and there another moment. They are in both places simultaneously, which is known in Quantum Physics as nonlocal existence. The energies of Physicalspace, gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, can be considered "dumb energy," as they seem to have no will of their own and can be manipulated by human beings. On the other hand, the energies of Thoughtspace are "intelligent energy," and "they" make repeated decisions based on a wide variety of facts which need to be taken into account whenever they go into action. The "Residents" can bring to bear the energies of Thoughtspace on the physical features of Physicalspace, causing earthquakes, tornadoes, and other such "spontaneous" eruptions in the balance of our earth's crust and weather. The energies of Thoughtspace can also be brought to bear on the humans living on the face of the earth. That seems to be the best way to describe the "Residents" I have talked to. These two, parallel universes, each with different qualities, exist inside and outside each other. But there is a constant interaction between the two universes, with much energy flowing in from Thoughtspace to Physicalspace, stirring up much activity in Physicalspace. At the same time, the exercise of Free Will by humans in Physicalspace is having to be dealt with, after physical death, by the "Residents" who deal with the Essences of those departed humans. The currently most popular theory about how the physical universe came into being is called the Big Bang Theory. It is also theoretically possible that this present physical universe was not the first one to exist, since another one could have existed before, starting with its Big Bang and ending with its Big Crunch. Our present physical universe could be able to expand only to a finite limit and then must start contracting again, to end in the same form it started, via its Big Crunch. If this is so, it has to be started and stopped by some outside force, and that force is "The Creator" and all the powers inherent in Thoughtspace. Since there was no purpose for the "Residents" before the creation of the physical universe by "The Creator," the "Residents" came into being at the same moment that the physical universe came into being. At that same moment, humans were placed on Earth for the "Residents" to teach, advise, and monitor. This is what they report. This is contradicts the Darwinian evolutionary view of the development of the human species out of nonhuman species. According to the "Residents," there was no need for "The Creator" to go through a trial and error period trying to figure out how to make the best human beings. On the day "The Creator" decided to put our ancestors on Earth, "The Creator" did just that. That was, however, a somewhat different type of human first placed on earth, but it was similar in having a human mind like ours. The major difference the "Residents" describe is that the first version was much more hairy than the second version which succeeded it. I believe it is called Homo Erectus, while we are called Homo Sapiens. It is from Homo Erectus that we have "inherited" our Essences, not from chimpanzees or apes. Those animals were created when "The Creator" wanted chimpanzees and apes on the face of this globe. Although Charles Darwin wrote the theory of evolution which is currently popular with schools, the "Residents" report that he was incorrect. They tell me that "The Creator" is quite capable of placing on the earth any kind of living organism "The Creator" decides needs to be here on any given day. The "Residents" also report that when any species has outlived its usefulness, "The Creator" sends a flood or famine to wipe it out. When "The Creator" wants to repopulate the land with a new species, "The Creator" is quite capable of placing that new species on the Earth for the first time. We humans need not concern ourselves with protecting species of animals since "The Creator" has plans for how long they are to be here, when they are to die off, and what ones will be here later to replace them. The final word the "Residents" wish to pass on is that their realm, Thoughtspace, has always existed and will always exist. Physicalspace came second, when "The Creator" wanted it to be in existence. "The Creator" created Physicalspace and the "Residents" to monitor it as long as it is in existence. Meeting the Supervisors of the Essences The most dramatic MPD patient I met in Santa Cruz, "Sylvia," had an ISH named Charity. She is the one on my teaching videotape. While treating Sylvia in my office, Charity told me that she also ran a school for other "spirits," whose training with her lasted 200 years! Two of those "student spirits" came out to talk to me, using Sylvia's body. One was named Faith, and the other introduced herself as Hope. While I had many conversations with Charity during Sylvia's successful therapy, I only met Faith and Hope one time each. In 1978, I moved to Yolo County, where I saw patients in the county mental health clinics. There I met my next patient with complex MPD, "Marie." I treated her to integration of her 69 alter-personalities over the next three years. During much of the therapy, my work was guided by Marie's ISH, named Becky. In the month just before integration, Faith, Hope, and Charity also appeared in Marie's body, and talked to me about their current activities. I could tell by what they said that they were the same "spirits" who had used Sylvia's body to talk to me in Santa Cruz. While I lived in Davis, an integrated Sylvia visited me. She was fully integrated and leading a normal suburban family life. Both Sylvia and Marie are what are called Grade V hypnotizable persons, the virtuosos of hypnosis techniques. There is nothing they cannot do in trance. They are the type of person any psychology professor likes to have on hand to demonstrate all the known hypnotic techniques. Because of this innate trait of extreme hypnotizability, Faith, Hope, and Charity could come into them and use their bodies to communicate with me in my office. This was their way of teaching me lessons they wanted me to learn, and they have continued to do so up to this present day. This is not "mediumship." They consider mediumship to be the use of a person's body to manifest an entity which that person has themselves created by the use of imagination, a type of "imaginary companion." Mediums will manifest these entities in front of groups of strangers, often for profit. The entities often talk in generalities, using obscure language which might sounds brilliant, but unclear in meaning. In contrast, Faith, Hope, and Charity can only use Marie's body when she is agreeable, and she has to choose to cooperate with them by going into a deep trance state. They then move in and use her body, but they cannot do all the things she can do. They only appear in a private situation, with me alone, or with friends of mine, if they have also become friends of Marie's. If there is anyone in the room who is having difficulty controlling negative emotions, such as anger, they will leave. When they talk, they talk to each person individually, answering that person's questions as clearly as they can. They are very careful in their choice of words, only using the correct term for the concept under discussion. If they do not want to answer, they will smile sweetly, but they will not answer with a falsehood. Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE) I have previously referred to the "supervisors" of the Essence, the full-time residents of Thoughtspace. The ones I have met have call themselves Faith, Hope, and Charity. These were not my choices of names, as I would not have used such significant names, not knowing who they were and what they did. But, when writing about them while telling the story of Marie's psychological integration, I had to invent a group name which they agreed for me to use in that manuscript. After much consultation with Charity, we agreed on the collective term, Celestial Intelligent Energy, which permits a suitable acronym of CIE. The CIE report that they have been on duty monitoring and manipulating all humans since the inceptions of our world by "The Creator." They are blissful to be working with and for "The Creator," whom they worship. However, they do not wish for us to worship them, the CIE. They are not doing their jobs because they want us humans to bow down and worship them, as has happened in many ancient cultures. They only want us to cooperate with them. They are only doing their jobs. Each CIE has a specific role to play in the operation of the universe, but there is no hierarchy, in the sense there is in our human culture. No one is the boss, having the power to hire and fire the others. They are more like the various wheels in a fine watch, all working in coordination for common goals. None is more important than any other, but each relates to the others in specific ways, depending on their "duty." The CIE have been here for all eternity and can report what they did in cultures in previous eras. They were there, so they are first hand reporters. The major trouble in my understanding of what they report of activities in previous cultures is that I am a modern American citizen, so I do not and cannot think like an ancient Egyptian, for example. Since they have no time or distance factors in their universe, they can be all places at the same time. So they can prepare for actions of humans long before those humans have any idea such actions will be needed. They are always watching each and every one of us and are interceding whenever they believe intervention is needed, to keep us on our Life Plans, and keep us safe from bodily destruction, at least until our time to "cease to exist" has arrived. When that time does come, they will help the Essence use any means available to terminate our earthly existence and bring us "home"to Thoughtspace. There they will prepare us for our next earthly reincarnation. The duties and responsibilities of each of the Celestial Intelligent Energy, collectively called the CIE, are as follows. None of the Spiritual Guardians, Teachers or Professors have ever had a physical body of their own. Spiritual Guardian of the Essences, as Described by Faith "Whereas the Essences have responsibility for one human charge, we, the Spiritual Guardians of the Essences, are responsible for 150 of the Essences. Our duties and responsibilities are as follows: "We are called Spiritual Guardians of the Essences because we protect and guard. Therefore, that is our title. "Our prime responsibility to protect our Essences at all costs. When the energy of an Essence has been depleted while protecting their charge, it is unable to sustain any further psychic assault. A psychic assault is when a 'turned Essence' is trying to destroy the Essence of another human. We, as Guardians, must take drastic steps to protect the Essence we are supervising. We can physically remove the body from the place of the psychic assault. We can also make the human fall asleep. We can convince the human with the 'turned Essence,' who is doing the psychic assault, to feel that the argument or discourse has been finished. This is our most important and prime directive, to protect and guard the Essences under our guidance. "We create situations in which the human needs to make important decisions. If the Essence has been unable to direct their charge to the point of taking appropriate action, we will step in. Situations will include a career direction, for example. We will send other humans into the path of the human that we need to change. We will have that human say or do something that brings about the change required. "Another important function is to pick the family that the human will be born into. That way the human's life plan will be started properly. We pick the culture, the social group, the parents, and siblings with whom the human will experience all that is needed to complete their life plans. In the course of the human growing, we also send boyfriends and girlfriends into the humans' lives as lessons to be learned in social and romantic experiences. We also send to the humans the 'best friends,' who are actually part of the 150 Essences that we supervise. That is why when humans meet their closest friends and feel as if they have known those humans before, it is because they have. They are part of the humans' existence of all prior lives before. "We choose the humans' mates or significant others to create learning situations. There can be many different kinds of learning situations. This includes all manners of relationships, including heterosexual or homosexual pairing. It could be learning to live with an emotional or mentally ill human. It could also be experiencing the life as a mate to someone who is significantly disabled. We also know if one mate is enough or if the human will have several mates. In either context, it is all part of growing and learning in this life plan. "We also have chosen specific jobs or positions that each human is to be involved in. We will direct and change those job situations that best suit your needs. If the specific job the human is in becomes unbearable, that is because we have stepped in and are making it so. Your life plan does not include that position or job anymore. That is the time that all humans need to listen to their Essences. "We also are called, in human terms, 'Guardian Angels,' but that is incorrect wordage for ourselves. We do protect and guard the Essences, and we will perform 'miracles,' such as extracting a human from a horrible accident. We, as Guardians of the Essences, have a full variety of Essences to supervise. We have immature ones who are on their first assignments, who are called 'Baby Essences.' We have Essences that do not cooperate with our teaching and become rebellious and therefore turn their charge into doing some criminal acts. Those are called 'turned Essences.' "Each Essence, having had prior lives as humans, has been granted Free Will by 'The Creator.' This means that any Essence may choose to ignore the advice and training of the CIE, who are assigned to implement the directives of 'The Creator.' A 'turned Essence' ignores the teachings of the CIE and exercises Free Will alone." Spiritual Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by Hope "To perform a 'miracle,' the Spiritual Guardian of the Essences combines with another CIE, 'The Spiritual Teacher of the Guardian of the Essences.' Each Teacher is responsible for 150,000 Spiritual Guardians. "We Spiritual Teachers are in charge of all education of the Guardians and of the Baby Essences. When they arrive at our school, the first avenue is to implant into the Baby Essence the entire language of ourselves, the CIE. That way, we are able to communicate without misinterpretation. Once the Baby Essences have become implanted with our language, they are sent to their Guardian. We instruct the Guardians regarding where each Essence is to be placed in Physicalspace, when each Essence will arrive again in Thoughtspace, and how long the next physical life of each Essence will last. "We constantly teach the Guardians new and improved information regarding changes in culture and environment into which the Essences have been assigned. We also are responsible regarding all of humans' Physicalspace educational resources. We have the responsibility for housing and training of rebellious 'turned Essences.' They are given added training and opportunity for additional growth before they are allowed to be reincarnated into another human form again." Spiritual Professor of the Teachers of the Guardians of the Essences, as Described by Charity "When the Spiritual Teacher joins with the Guardian to perform 'miracles,' they may need to be joined by the other CIE. Her title is the 'Spiritual Professor of the Teacher of the Guardians of the Essences.' "We Professors are responsible for 250,000 Teachers. We are responsible for the 150,000 Guardians that each of these Spiritual Teachers has the responsibility for. We also are responsible for the 150 Essences that each of the Spiritual Guardians has responsibility for. We, the Professors, are responsible for maintaining 'dictionaries' of all human words, phrases and definitions in a special library for all Essences and other CIE to use. We are responsible for assigning specific duties to the Teacher and the Guardian regarding the humans that we are responsible for teaching. "For example, we will provide the Teacher with the information they need to help the human with marital or family crises. We will supply the Guardian with information involving friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. And we, the Professor, have the responsibility for spiritual and higher levels of learning and understanding for the humans that we have been assigned to. "We reacquaint humans with others who were related to them in previous lives. We arrange for the conditions of when and where Essences will be reincarnated. Most decisions are decided by conferring with the Essence and other CIE involved with the Essence's charge. However, we have the final say on any decisions which they cannot resolve among themselves. "We pass down information from 'The Creator' to the Teachers to the Guardians to the Essences. All information from the Essences is relayed back to us through the same channels. When we are teaching humans, we will converse with a small circle of human contacts. We limit our teachings to no more than 10 humans at a time, as contamination will rob us of our responsibility and duty from our beloved 'Creator.' "The delivery of psychic abilities is another one of our functions. We deliver all psychic abilities to the Essences to deliver to their respective charges. "We are responsible for bringing together the Essences of humans who will be working together. This is one of the actions we take as managers for any projects that 'The Creator' wants completed. We have the authority to complete the project in any way that we have to. "We are responsible for housing 'turned Essences' that are a major threat to the existence of Essences in our realm. We have what is known as a 'velvet whip.' We do not chastise, we do not punish, in human terms. We house, explain, and teach, but these Essences will never be reincarnated into another human being, ever." Conclusions of Becky, the Essence, and the CIE, Faith, Hope, and Charity "Humans have long considered the universe as something that was created out of nothing. Theologians have considered that Something created the universe. Both are correct. 'The Creator' has been here for as long as there has been energy. 'The Creator' designed this universe of yours with all manners of life, with plants, animals, and minerals. We, the CIE, are in charge of the operations of 'The Creator's' universe. There is an intellectual order in your universe, and it is precisely run by the CIE. There is no error in what we do. "We have been typically envisioned as angels, females with white robes, halos, wings, long blonde hair, and sandals. WE ARE NOT THAT. We do not have bodies; we are energy. "Each of the Essences is taught by ourselves, the CIE, under the direction of 'The Creator.' Each Essence has had prior lives and is able to impart whatever wisdom and knowledge they learned unto their charges. Memories are stored, indexed and retrieved by each human's Essence in the Akashic Records Center. The Essences bring forth the memories to their charges only when needed. "The Essences do not force their actions unto their charges. They are the still, small voice inside each human. When each of you listens to that voice inside, you will find the correct path that each must tread. Reincarnation is a fact in our realm for all Essences in order for them to gain the experience needed to direct their charges on their next series of lifetimes. Your journey of completing and fulfilling your life plan will be long but rewarding if you will only listen to that voice, your Essence. It has never failed; your Essence has always been there and wishes for you humans to be more attentive to it. "We are here. Listen to us and grow." Charity's Principles To Live By Since the Ten Commandments have been taught in Judeo-Christianity as the basic "rules" "The Creator" wants us to follow in our behavior towards our fellow men, I went over them, one by one, with Charity. She told met that "The Creator" is only interested in us following two of those rules. One is Thou Shalt Not Kill. The other is Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. All the others were written by Moses as social control rules for those Israelites whom he was trying to mold into a civilized group of people. Moses used the Hebrew God as his "bully boy" to try to persuade his rowdy tribesmen to start behaving themselves. Remember, he had no legislature to pass laws and no police department to enforce them. The CIE helped him in this needed endeavor, by making the bush burn and otherwise show evidence that their God wanted them to follow Moses' instructions. But Charity does not know of any other rules which "The Creator" wants us humans to follow, without fail. However, since we humans do need to have something like the Ten Commandments to follow, she has prescribed these following Principles by which we should live our lives. 1. Acknowledge the existence of the Essence. 2. Follow what your Essence says, negating Free Will. 3. Grow spiritually, not religiouswise. 4. Impart your wisdom to others who have not grown as you have, spiritualwise. 5. Speak unto others as you would have each Essence speak unto you.

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