II. April 13, 1998: Actions of the Essence What the Essence Can Do With Its Charge. 1. Manage memory, both in recording what is not perceived neurologically, and retrieving memory needed for action by Emotional Self. 2. Provide intuitive warnings of danger. 3. Provide "intellectual knowing" of what to do next. 4. Fill in blanks of visual field. 5. Provide problem solution not covered by rules of conduct. 6. Provide a positive emotional push, i.e., erotic feelings, to make Charge interested in person in area. 7. Provide negative emotions and nausea to make Charge stay away from dangerous people. 8. Put Charge to sleep. 9. Take over body and walk away from a dangerous situation, if Charge is frozen with fright. 10. Make Charge have infection. 11. Make Charge not see a dangerous object so she will fall and hurt self. 12. Cause pregnancy to occur. 13. Cause pregnancy to miscarry or be a stillbirth. 14. Cause body to have cancer or other chronic or fatal disease. 15. Cause physical disease to disappear and reappear. 16. Provide dreams at night for instructions, insight, and advice. 17. Cause Charge to fall in love "at first sight." 18. Cause Charge to have sudden flash of insight. 19. Cause Charge to have Out of Body Experience & Near Death Experience. 20. Cause Charge to feel driven to accomplish a difficult goal. 21. Make work situations so difficult Charge feels driven to quit and find a new job. Rules We Must Follow or Else A major difference between the Essence (Intellectual Self) and its Charge (Emotional Self) is that the Emotional Self must have a list of rules to follow in every situation. This is what is called using the "Legal Ethic" method of solving problems. This is seen in all the rules and regulations of our governments, as well as in most religions. The trouble is that, even with a well- written Constitution, we need a Supreme Court to interpret its terms when some new situation, such as global communications on the Internet, is invented. Then we need police agencies to enforce these rules, jails in which to place violators, and all the rest of it to go along with it. This is the way society functions when we all operate on our Emotional Selves. But each creator of a rule for someone else considers himself to be more enlightened than those for whom the rules were intended, and he wants to have the right to make an exception to his own rules, when his judgment indicates a better result would come about. He wants to use the other way to make decision, which is call the "Situational Ethic" method of decision making. This is the way each Essence looks at problems. What can it do to solve this particular problem so all parties benefit and no one gets hurt? The Essence does not go by rules, and considers prior similar situations only informative guidelines, but not mandates to repeat the same process. Each situation is different, and all differences must be taken into account. THERE ARE NO RULES IN THOUGHTSPACE. To understand this statement, one must define "rules." Rules are defined in the dictionary as "a prescribed guide for conduct or action." They apply to all humans in all situations, without exceptions. Since each human has a different Life Plan to follow, there is no rule which can be applied equally to any two humans. Each human needs to experience different situations to learn different lessons. Each human is at a different point in achieving spiritual maturity. This also indicates that rules are made by one individual to apply to other individuals. The only one who could make rules in Thoughtspace is "The Creator," who is the ultimate in intelligence and wisdom, and who made each human unique. Therefore, "The Creator" knows better than to issue a set of rules only some of his creations could follow. Also, rule making is an exercise in power over others. Only humans have the emotional need to exercise power over other humans. "The Creator" has no need or desire to exercise power over "His" creations. "He" made them to have Free Will. To continually exercise power over them would make Free Will meaningless. Life Plans Still, the Prime Directive of the Essence is to see to it that its Charge continues on his or her Life Plan, to fulfillment and completion. Since each person has a different Life Plan, there is no overriding set of rules which can be applied to all people equally. Each one of us has different needs, as each of us has a different Life Plan. The Essence In Charge of the Body If worse comes to worse and the Emotional Self exercises Free Will, there may come a situation of great danger, when the Emotional Self freezes in terror. At a time like that, if the Essence decides that its Charge's Life Plan has not been completed, it can take over full control of the body and move it out of danger, take over driving the car away from the cliff, or take Ipecac to cause vomiting of a swallowed poison. If the Essence has decided that now is not the time to "cease to exist," then it can exercise control of the body and all related objects to save the physical life of the person. The person may be watching, "as if someone else were moving my body," or may be completely unaware of all that is happening. The latter is called a "fugue state" in the psychiatric diagnostic manual. To others, the person will appear completely calm in the face of intense danger, and able to advise others what they need to do to help. Whatever skill the Emotional Self has, the Essence has the same skill. The Essence may be even more skillful, especially if verbal language is needed, as it knows more words in the native language than does the Emotional Self. When it is in charge, the Essence might use more complex words the Emotional Self does not know or usually use. In most cases, it will mimic the behavior of the Emotional Self, so that the others will not be alarmed. Others may notice that the person acted cool and unemotional, applying only proper logic while solving the deadly problem. This is because the Essence is pure intellect, without a trace of emotion available to it. It does what it has to do as quickly as possible. Job Dissatisfaction Since the Essence wants its Charge to continue doing actions which will be necessary to fulfill its Life Plan, it will advise its Charge to change jobs or housing. When a person has been happy in a job, but then starts complaining that one thing after another has started going wrong, it is the Essence who has been working behind the scenes to manipulate employers and coworkers to give him a hard time. That person is being shown the "writing on the wall" and the intention is to get him to move somewhere else. The Essence believes that more discomfort will move its Charge to seek another position, where comfort will be possible. Unfortunately, many in our culture believe that suffering is good for the soul, whatever that means. So we stick it out, getting ulcers and complaining all the more loudly. The Essence keeps stoking the fires of discontent, hotter and hotter, until the person finally gets too sick to go to work, or can't stand to get out of bed in the morning. Once he realizes he has to move on, the harassment stops, and he can work well until his quitting date arrives. If he changes his mind, and stays at work, the harassment is brought back into action until he is too miserable to stay any longer. Discretion is the better part of valor, and wise individuals soon learn to listen to the warnings from their Essences, before they stick around long enough to suffer physical damage, which may be long lasting. It can be avoided by moving out of a miserable situation into something new, but in that person's best interests. Memory Management Memory is mentioned as the first item on the list, and that is covered in my paper on Essence Memory. The basic fact to note here is that the Essence is the Memory Manager of each of us, and, with our best interests in mind, decides which memory we need to have in our consciousness, in our physical brain's memory mechanism, for how long. The Emotional Self is the part that remembers and there are four groups of memories. The first group is of the pleasant memories. Those are stored in the Akashic Records in Thoughtspace and can be recalled at anytime that the Emotional Self wants to remember them. Since they will cause no problem on recall, they can be recalled at will, as long as the person is in a location where he or she can safely reminisce. All unpleasant memories are stored with "warning markers" on them, designating them in one of three levels of security. In the first level of security are those unpleasant memories which could be recalled without emotional harm to the person. They may be scenes of accidents in which someone was killed, but the witness did not feel any guilt about the death. These will be recalled if there is some benefit to be gained by the recall, such as on the witness stand at a trial. The second level of security is for those unpleasant memories which are associated with ambivalent feelings. They are the ones which, if recalled, might stir the Emotional Self to attempt suicide. These will only be allowed to be recalled if the person is then in the office of an ethical, competent psychotherapist who is trying to help them overcome their guilt about the death of the person they saw die in the car in front of them. The third level of security is for those unpleasant memories which are associated with such terrible feelings that recall would cause a catatonic withdrawal from reality. The Essence will not allow these memories to be recalled by the Emotional Self, no matter what "memory retrieval technique" someone else claims to know how to use. If pressured to report something about that episode, the Emotional Self may feel forced to invent a story which will please the interrogator, but it will be a "false memory," a euphemism for "lie." The true history will still be hidden from all, since it needs to be hidden from the Emotional Self, since continued social functioning would not be possible after recall. According to Karl Popper & John Eccles in "The Self and Its Brain," the interface between what they call World 1 and World 2 for memories and ideas is the cortex of the dominant hemisphere of the brain. Popper and Eccles described themselves as "dualist interactionists," which means they believe in two universes, and that there is constant interplay between these two universes. By virtue of studying how brain damaged persons remember, they came to the conclusion that the introduction of thoughts and memories from the nonmaterial universe had to be through the cortex of the dominant hemisphere. John Eccles was Nobel Prize winning neurophysiologist. Karl Popper is a world renowned philosopher. Seeing the Whole Picture The fourth item relates to filling in blanks in the visual field of the Emotional Self. Marie, who is still dissociated from her Essence, Becky, cannot put together jigsaw puzzles easily because she cannot envision the picture that would be completed by the piece needed to fill a space. Only the Essence has the overall vision of the whole picture. Marie can only see the hole, and the shape of its edges. She tries to find pieces to fit the edges, but cannot envision what picture the whole should be. This has been noted in figurative examples as well as literal examples. She cannot figure out the underlying principles of anything. In learning to operate a computer, she only knows what she has been taught, and what she has done by personal practice. But she cannot tell anyone why any of this works. She does not know the underlying principles of the machinery that she works with so skillfully. Therefore, she cannot take those underlying principles and invent a new device which will do the same job, only easier and better. She must follow the rules laid down by the programmer in the first place. I doubt if she could ever become a programmer, unless she let Becky do the programming. She can memorize what others have designed, but to design something herself, from an "intuitive understanding of how it works" is impossible. Becky, her Essence, is the source of such intuition, so, without asking Becky for information, she could not be that creative. In the integrated human being, these two aspects of the human mind are working together in solving such puzzles, and we cannot tease apart what part contributes what talent. Only in the dissociated person, such as Marie, can we find out what does what. Teaching by Experiences Since the Essence is the teacher and mentor of the Emotional Self, it can and will use any technique which it thinks will get its message over. This can include imagery of all kinds, including out-of-body experiences, imagery of travel to other planets, or any other kind of imagery that it so desires to create. The whole point is to have the Emotional Self believe that it has made some kind of journey so that it can learn a new lesson. These various experiences are often mistakenly called "dissociative phenomena," but that is incorrect. They are experiences provided to the Emotional Self by the Essence. Just because the Emotional Self saw her physical body down on the operating room table does not mean that "she" was up on the ceiling looking down. The Essence is quite capable of supplying such an imagery so the person will believe they had to have been up by the ceiling looking down upon themselves. No generalizations from such experiences are possible, since each lesson is tailored by each Essence for its own Charge, and the Life Plan of each Charge requires different lessons to be taught. Hypnosis Induction When a patient is going into a hypnotic trance, he or she must relax and focus on the hypnotist's voice. Relaxation and concentration are the two essential processes to bring about a trance state. The Essence will usually want the therapeutic hypnotic session to be worthwhile, though it may not want the person to go into a trance during a stage performance. I have seen very hypnotizable persons simply stay out of a trance on stage while all those around her fall into a deep trance. In that case, the Essence decided that its Charge should not go into a trance, so it did not allow her to do so. In the case of needed therapy, the Essence will help the therapist in anyway possible. The use of a low monotone voice by the therapist is very inducive. If the therapist happens to lapse into a creaky voice, the Essence will modify what the patient hears to sound low and sonorous so that its Charge will go into a trance more easily. When hypnotherapists think they are talking to the "unconscious mind of the patient" in hypnosis, they are talking to the Essence. They learn to treat this part of the mind with respect and courtesy, which is essential in any dealings with any Essence. Creating Physical Diseases The choice of timing and type of physical disease is in the province of the Essence. The Essence can make its Charge sick with the flu whenever it doesn't want its Charge to go to work. In my case, I always got laryngitis when I shouldn't have gone to work at the CMC prison. As a psychiatrist, I could not work without talking. But I never was so physically ill that I couldn't do needed chores around the house. This was the way my Essence kept me from going to work when it knew I shouldn't be there that day. Once I got my voice back, I could go back to the prison to work. Each illness has a purpose and is not a random event. It may be to teach the person how to be dependent on others, and it can be to teach the family members how to be responsible for their relative's care. One should not struggle to continue doing chores one feels too bad to do. If one does, the Essence will have to "up the ante," and make the person sicker. According to Becky, when it comes to affecting our physical health, the interface is the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Current scientific research into the functions of the primary pineal hormone, melatonin, shows that it has functions in stimulating and preventing pregnancy, sleep induction, prevention of infections, and other bodily functions which the Essence is capable of manipulating. In addition, the pineal gland, which is in the center of the brain, is where the point of the frontal chakra is located. This chakra is shaped like an ice cream cone, with the open end in front of the center of the forehead and the point at the pineal gland. When a therapist of multiples wants to bring out the ISH/Essence, all he or she has to do is touch the middle of the patient's forehead, where the opening of the frontal chakra is located, and call for the ISH/Essence. Since the focus of much of the Essence's activity is there, the Essence can easily be brought forth that way. The pineal gland can be called the home base of the Essence. Many centuries ago, philosophers debated where was the "seat of the soul," and they decided on the pineal gland as the only nonpaired gland they knew of. They were correct. Miracle Cures Healing is the province of the Essence. In the case of miracle cures, the cure has been accomplished by the Essence, with the help of its "supervisors." In contrast to what churches propound, healing cannot be invoked by anyone else, praying or not. It is brought about by the person's Essence, if it is in that person's Life Plan to recover. If the Life Plan is at its end for this incarnation, then the person will "cease to exist," the term the Essence prefers to "die." No Life Support Machines, Please Essences are quite insistent that it is their duty to decide how long their Charge will live with a terminal illness, and they wish that doctors, nurses, lawyers and hospital administrators would stay out of their domain. Only the Essence knows if the Life Plan of that person has been completed. If so, both the Essence and the Emotional Self are ready to leave Physicalspace and go into Thoughtspace. They have no desire or need to stay in Physicalspace when all has been accomplished. But they do desire that relatives calm down and forego guilt at not keeping their sick relative physically alive at all costs. They want to go home when it is time to go home. They know they are not going to stop being; they are just leaving behind a carcass which has served its purpose. Pregnancy and Termination Thereof The Essence of each woman decides when that woman is going to get pregnant, and whether or not the pregnancy will go full term. The Essence can induce a spontaneous miscarriage, so surgical abortions are not necessary. If the woman needs to be pregnant, but is not ready to become a mother, no Essence will be placed in the newborn fetus. This is the cause of a "stillborn birth." Without the Essence, there can be no life, no Ki, no Kundalini. There is no guilt to be felt by anyone in such a case. The Essence of the mother, in cooperation with her "supervisors," knows the best thing to do for that woman at that time. When the Essence Enters the Newborn's Body I have been informed that each baby's Essence is delivered when that infant takes its first breath. Therefore, all the debates about when an infant in utero becomes a "person" are moot. There is no personal Essence of its own in an unborn baby. The mother's Essence takes care of all the needs of the uterine contents. When the baby is delivered and takes its first breath, then the Essence and Emotional Self assigned to it enter that child, and it is thereafter a fully independent human being. I compare the question as to when the "soul" enters the unborn fetus to the question of when an automobile factory lets a driver get into a car while it is on the assembly line. What is the point of allowing a driver in a car when it is still on the line? All the driver could do is sit there. If he took any action, it would mess up the assembly process. He is only needed in the car when it has come to the end of the line and has been rolled into the parking lot. Then a driver is needed to deliver the car where it needs to go. Abortions While the Essences do not recognize the need for abortions and wish we never used that procedure, they know that most human societies have it available. So the Essence of a woman, like Marie, who was too mentally disturbed to raise a second child while married to her abusive husband, can arrange for an abortion to be performed, if needed. This happened to Marie with her second pregnancy, while married to an abusive man. The situation was used as a teaching device for her and others around her. While her Essence could have prevented the pregnancy if no abortion had been available in her area, abortion was then an option, and she needed the experience of becoming pregnant the second time. However, she was in no condition to raise a second child, so alter-personalities asked for the abortion, on the advice of her Essence. Unwanted Pregnancies While others may think that it is cruel to allow some women, such as single teenage girls, to get pregnant, we must remember that we do not know the Life Plans for these women or for their babies. If no fertility clinics are involved, it is the Essence of the girl who allows that girl to become pregnant, no one else. In my second patient with MPD, she slept with every man she could. Yet she never got pregnant, and she never got any VD. She made no attempts to avoid either hazard. Her Essence was wise enough to know that no child could stand being raised by her, with her self-destructive state of mind. She had enough troubles without these two problems being added. So her Essence kept her VD free and sterile. Fertility Clinics In the case of fertility clinics, we have the opposite situation. Here we have women literally "buying bodies of babies." What they don't realize is that for each body, there needs to be an assigned Essence and Emotional Self. If that woman has a Life Plan that does not include any more children, there are no Essences or Emotional Selves ready and available for implantation in the body. One option is that someone else will have to "cease to exist" before originally planned. Another option is to pull an Essence out of school and sent it into active duty before it is fully trained. This is what happens in wartime with recruits in basic training. When the war gets too demanding for manpower, new recruits will be sent through a shortened training program and sent to duty in the front lines before they have had a chance to become completely trained. This increases the risk that they cannot do their jobs properly. This is why the chances are higher than average for children born with the help of such clinics die sooner than others or are mentally retarded. Schizophrenia It has been said that half of the world's hospital beds are filled with persons with schizophrenia, a major psychotic mental illness. These are people who may feel all others are plotting against them, and they may hear "voices." But where do those voices come from? The teaching I have had is that these voices are the voices of that person's "dissatisfied Essence." That Essence is literally "driving them crazy," with comments that are insulting or ridiculous. The Essence of the schizophrenic person is immature and is also dissatisfied with its assignment to this particular Emotional Self. It wants to be paired with a better quality Emotional Self. It is as if a worker wanted a better job but was refused a transfer by the boss. How might he try to manipulate his boss? One way would be to mess up deliberately on his current assignment so that the boss would then move to the assignment where he had previously asked to go. In this case, the request of the Essence has been denied, and there will be no moving to a better office. The Essence is stuck with his assigned Emotional Self, so he makes the life of that individual miserable. He tells him he is living on the moon, where he is being persecuted by Martians. When the Emotional Self tells that "delusion" to his psychiatrist, because that is what his voices are telling him, he is quickly labeled a psychotic schizophrenic. The effect of antipsychotic drugs is to cut down the volume of these voices, because the chemicals block the transmission of messages from the Essence to its Charge. This doesn't change anything basically, but it does allow the Emotional Self to function without hearing such ridiculous comments and feeling weird feelings, like paranoia. When the drug is stopped, the voices of the Essence are heard again, of course. Sedative Drugs This is also the reason why Essences of healthy persons disapprove of the use of brain sedatives, including alcohol. All of these drugs interfere with the communication between Essence and Emotional Self. The Essence then has a harder time making direct contact with its Charge, and it must figure out how to get around that blockade. This may make it very difficult to relay any messages at times of emergency.

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